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Basking tops
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Latin name: Graptemys pseudogeographica kohnii

Type of turtle: Basking. Great swimmer. 

Distribution: Mississippi map turtles can be found throughout the southern Mississippi valley. Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi. 

Description: This species of turtle is very similar to the false map turtle. In kohnii, a crescent shaped bar stretches under the eye and the irides are completely white. No bar is present across the pupil as in G. pseudogeographica. They are also a little smaller as well. Adult females do not exceed 10 inches. Males are generally 4 inches. 

Habitat: Mississippi map turtles live in fast moving bodies of water and thus are great swimmers. While they can occasionally be found in marshes and swamps they are more likely to be present in Rivers and streams.  They are cold tolerant and hibernate throughout their range. 

Diet: Map turtles feed on both animal and plant matter. Juveniles being more carnivorous. Captive turtles do well on commercial pellets as well as worms, beefheart, bloodworms, fish, and plant matter. Large females can be fed snails and clams as well. 

Breeding: Breeder occurs shortly after hibernation and can be seen throughout the warm months. Peak in breeding behavior occurs shortly after hibernation. Egg laying occurs April-July. Nests usually consist of 8-22 eggs.14 being the average. Incubation takes approximately 55-85 days depending on temperature.

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